Galen Rupp moving into next phase of life, building up to 2011 by getting stronger

Galen Rupp wins his second straight 10,000-meter title in Des Moines, Iowa in June (Photo: Getty Images)

Galen Rupp is in a good place this fall.

He was married a month ago, honeymooned in Maui, and has recently moved into a new home 10 minutes from Beaverton’s Nike campus.

And he is hungry to keep getting better.

In 2010, Rupp established new PRs in the mile (3:56.22, indoors), the 3,000 (7:42.40, indoors), the 5,000 (13:07.35) and the 10,000 (27:10.74).

“I’d definitely be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frustrated with the year, but at the same time any time you’re PR-ing at most distances, any time you’re improving and can measure that, it’s not bad,” Rupp said. “It’s easy to get caught up in the moment after little races during the year. As a whole, there were things we did well and we also know what we can improve. It wasn’t a disastrous year by any means.”

Rupp was a year out of school and his living situation was in constant flux. He was shopping for a home, training and traveling, as well as preparing to get married.

Chris Solinsky stole his thunder at an April attempt on the American 10K record at Stanford and he wasn’t able to meet his summer goal of dipping under 13 minutes in he 5,000.

Rupp was running well late at Stockholm, with a chance to meet his goal, when he was tripped from behind and fell.

“Stockholm would have been a good one,” Rupp said. “I just had bad luck. I felt great and I had a chance to go under 13 minutes there. After that, I probably should have just shut it down. That was the high point and it began to tail off from there. It would have been nice to see how I would have finished (at Stockholm).”

Rupp ran three races after Stockholm, including his personal best time in the 5,000 at Zurich. But in all three, he felt a little flat.

So now, settled into a new home with his wife, Keara, he can focus completely on getting better.

And that means building up more strength. In 2010, Alberto Salazar emphasized speed and technique, particularly in the closing laps of races.

By the end of the summer, Salazar realized that there hadn’t been enough of a strength component. Rupp was ripping through speed workouts, but he wasn’t doing as much volume as his peers. So he typically wasn’t in position, or too worn down late in races, to use that speed.

Rupp has bumped his weekly mileage up and will plan to hit 100 to 105 per week. Meanwhile, he is also doing more lifting in the gym – doing three workouts a week instead of two.

Rupp has gained a few pounds of muscle to his upper body.

“Looking back, I wasn’t doing as much (strength work) as I should have been,” Rupp said. “I did lots of speed stuff, but without strength it’s useless.”

Rupp will increase the workload gradually before taking on a brief indoor season in January and February. After that, it is likely he will take a break in the early spring and return to racing in May with an eye on the U.S. Championships and World Championships.

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